Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips for Starting or Creating a New Pattern

I have tried many different things when starting a new pattern or creating a new pattern. What works the best for me that I have found is using index cards throughout the process. On the initial index card, I write the brand of yarn, needle size, how many sets needed to be repeated and other pertinent information. The index card is also a good place to keep track of exactly how much yarn I use for the project for future projects. It is also helpful, at least to me, to write each row on its own index card. This is useful for many reasons. First, it is a helpful and easy way to keep track of what row you are on and it also may make the instructions more clear. Also, it is useful to use again with different yarns or projects. It is also useful to include scale information on these cards. Such as if I am looking for a particular length or width, the number of rows, size of yarn and needle it takes to create a particular length or width.